Kitchen Cabinets Do-It-Yourself Makeover

Almost anybody can transform their old style kitchen into a modern one with a DIY kitchen cabinets makeover. The makeover may include painting the cabinets in a new, more modern color or even replacing or faceting the doors.

Refreshing your kitchen cabinets is a job that doesn’t have to be cumbersome or expensive. The things you can do for a basic makeover are: thorough cleaning of all doors and sides, replacing of the hardware with new one and add in a few creative accents to the whole mix. Cleaning your cabinets with any sort of thinners might be quick and effective but it might also dissolve the finish so be careful

Dirty wooden doors, facets and cabinets can be cleaned by slightly rubbing them with a soft cloth dampened in mineral spirits. Make sure not to rub too much, because that will cause the color to fade and you’ll end up with lightened areas which may not be that good-looking. If this happens, you can fix it by applying a matching gel stain on that area.

If you are happy with how your kitchen looks after you finish cleaning all that furniture, you could simply stop and call it a day. For a more spectacular effect, however, you could go ahead and replace the hardware. Ideally, the holes on your doors should match the new hardware, but it is possible that this doesn’t happen. If this is the case, you need to fill the old hardware holes, making sure you choose the appropriate color for the filling, so those holes become invisible. If there are some blackened holes, you need to remove the blackened part with a rotary tool with pointed cutter bit. Depending on your door types, you may be able to use hidden hinges or not. If you have to use face-mounted hinges, it’s best to choose ones that match the color of thee wood, thus being less obtrusive.

diy kitchenBuying new pulls and handles is always a challenge, as there are new models that come out every year, so it’s quite hard to make a choice. It’s best to choose something that matches the style of your kitchen. For instance, if you have old, wooden cabinets with nice sculpted patterns, you don’t want to buy stainless steel handles for this job, because they won’t look good. You’ll be better off with choosing some exquisite brass and painted ceramic combination of handles and knobs, because they will have the same antique and fancy look as the rest of your furniture. If, on the contrary, your kitchen cabinets are modern, you’ll want the latest state-of-the-art stainless steel bands instead of traditional handles. You may even want to buy and install special mechanisms that make the drawers open by simply pushing them, thus eliminating the need for knobs and handles.

Applying decorations and accessories on your doors is entirely up to you. Just unleash your imagination and make your DIY kitchen cabinets refurbishing a real success your friends and family will be proud of. It is fun and you can do all these for only a couple hundred dollars.